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William R. J. Ribeiro circa 2013

Hello! It’s Will from Brazil. Currently living and working in Lisbon, Portugal.

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11 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Hello just bought memoir
    How do I know when all notes are uploaded
    I select upload all in the app but I don’t know if it’s working or not
    Lots of my notes haven’t synced with one drive

    1. Hello Robert,
      You first must setup OneNote: the setup screen appears automatically once you start the app. You should login with your OneNote credentials and allow all access that it requests. The “Upload All” button is disabled if OneNote is not setup. After a few seconds the app will display a success notification and the “Upload All” button will be enabled.

      Now you just need to tap in any item and it show you a few confirmation dialogs. After you confirm them all, the status color and label will change to “Uploading…”. Depending on the size of the notes and your connection speed, it could take a while.
      I hope this was helpful.

  2. Dear Mr. ?William, 

    Today I bought your Memoir software for my ? BlackBerry Q5.

    I bought it with great hope that it will solve my problem of backing up my Remember Notes, which is more than 10 thousands Notes now.

    But after installation, when I started the program, it only shows the name Memoir.
    And do nothing. 

    That’s the only screen and then Memoir stopped.

    None of the Screenshots samples in your ? BlackBerry World page showed up.?

    Could you tell me what is wrong? 

    Thanks and regards, 


    PS: I sent you an email as well to
    [email protected], along with the screenshot.

    1. Hello Mr. Zulfikar,

      I’m sorry for your bad experience. I have replied to your support request.
      Looking forward to your reply.

  3. Bonjour

    Je viens d’acheter l’application et il m’est impossible de synchroniser mes notes de Remember avec One note.
    Une solution s’il vous plaît.

    1. Salut Didier,

      Je suis désolé pour votre mauvaise expérience.
      Souhaitez-vous répondre à quelques questions pour moi afin que je puisse suivre ce qui se passe mal?
      – Quel est votre appareil?
      – Savez-vous quelle version d’OS est sur votre appareil?
      – Pouvez-vous vérifier votre compte OneNote sur http://www.onenote.com à l’aide d’un navigateur de bureau et recherchez le Notbook nommé “BB10 Notes by Memoir”?
      – Avez-vous des messages d’erreur pendant que vous essayez de télécharger les notes?
      – Le téléchargement démarre-t-il et ne se termine-t-il jamais (bloqué sur l’état Téléchargement …)?

      Dans l’attente de votre réponse.
      Meilleures salutations!

  4. Good day sir,

    I just bought the app. Does it not backup the tasks section & it’s folders too?

    That’s really the part I need.

    Thank you in advance for a prompt reply

    1. Hello M. Unrowitz,

      I´m sorry for the bad experience but Memoir doesn´t support Tasks backup. Your feedback has been fully acknowledged and in a future version of the app, it might support Tasks backup.

      Thanks for contacting me.

  5. I buy memoir today
    I wanna restore function…
    thank you for development this app! & have a nice day!

  6. Hey there,

    thank you for making an app that may copy the notes to onenote.
    I baught the app. It copies textnotes just fine. Unfortunately it seems not able to copy the voiceattachments.

    It says ‘Failed to upload Notebook ‘myfolder’. Please try again later or contact support.
    I am developer myself. And I am very interested getting those stuck voice attachments off of my phone.

    I have Blackberry Classic
    Is there is anything I could provide you with to help figure the problem out ?

  7. I was rate 5* for app wappy on blackberry world but the wappy camera still not working? Can you tell my how to solve this problem?

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