Memoir: Send your Remember Notes to Microsoft OneNote™

Hello everybody,

Great news for us, BB10 loyal users: independent app development is not dead yet!

I have created a very simple app but which I think it’s really neat. It’s called “Memoir” and it is immensely useful to me and hopefully it will be for you too. It’s not free because I put a lot of effort in it and I value my time and effort. So, if you want more apps for BB10, please support your favorite independent dev by buying and reviewing our apps. With enough paying costumers it will enable me to continue doing what I like: cool and useful BB10 apps!

I’m giving my best with this app but even so there will be bugs. Actually, this is an unofficial BETA release. It works just fine in most cases but there are some edge cases that are not fully covered so … don’t push it too much. Or push it and break it but, please, report it to me so I can fix it.

This first version has only the core features but if reception is good, I’m planing to add more cool stuff. You can even ask for what would you like to see it doing. Just send me an email or a message in Twitter.

Grab your copy on BlackBerry World while it’s on LAUNCH SALE for 50% Off the regular price! Promo will end when I release the next version so hurry up before I release it.

Please share it with your friends and spread the word.

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MEMOIR – Send your Remember Notes to Microsoft’s OneNote™

Memoir* [mem-wahr, -wawr]; noun;
1. A record of events written by a person having intimate knowledge of them and based on personal observation.
2. Usually, memoirs. An account of one’s personal life and experiences; autobiography.
The published record of the proceedings of a group or organization, as of a learned society.
3. A biography or biographical sketch.
Even tough BlackBerry provides a great note taking app, Remember, it has a big shortcoming: it’s impossible to backup its data or export it, not even with BlackBerry Link. This means that you have to manually copy and paste all data somewhere safe.

Don’t let your precious memories go to waste. With the Memoir app you can secure your memories in to the cloud with just one tap.

All the Notes and Folders stored on BB10’s Remember app can be easily uploaded to Microsoft™’s excellent OneNote™ note taking app/service. A Notebook named “BB10 Notes by Memoir” is created in your OneNote™/OneDrive™ account. Every Note Folder from Remember is a Section of the notebook. Every Note from Remember is a Page on OneNote™.

It’s a free cross-platform app and service. It’s has many advanced features and is deeply integrated with the latest version of Windows™ and their cloud storage service OneDrive™. It’s a perfect place for preserving your precious notes and enabling multiple ways of accessing it. To use Memoir you’ll need to have a Microsoft™ account.

– Support for Remember Notes and Folders.
– Attachments: images, audio, pdf, ppt, doc, xls e etc.
– Upload All with 1-Tap.
– Fast Native/Cascades interface. Very simple and effective.
– Secure integration with Microsoft™ Account. A Microsoft™ account is required. OneNote™ permissions must be granted.
– One-way synchronization. Only changes from Remember app are detected and uploaded.
– Support for OS 10.3.0 and higher.

– Integration with other cloud services. Google™ or EverNote™? You choose!
– Support for Tasks.
– Two-way synchronization. Changes to Notes made from OneNote™’s apps are downloaded to the device and appear on Remember app.
– Give OneNote™ permission only once. Permission is only granted for 1 hour in current version.
– Support for OS 10.2.1
– Other languages. Volunteer native speakers are welcome!
– Change OneNote™ Section by changing Notes Folder
– Change OneNote™ Master Notebook name

Ask for what feature you want most on the app review or by email: [email protected]

If you have any issues please contact our support email or reach me on Twitter.

Thanks for your time!

Here are some screenshots of the running on a Z10 and Q10: