Finally my private place on the web!

Hello all!

This is yet another adventure start for me. My first domain! My first private spot on the internet where I can make it the way I want and fill it with stuff that I want (and is not illegal off course). I don’t think I will create a WikiLeaks or a new YouTube but I might add another cool place on the internet. Only time will tell. I must say I love to begin new projects but, like any ordinary folk, they tend not to be completed. This one is different because it doesn’t have a time limit, a dead line nor never will be completed. This domain will come along with me for the rest of my life, improving, growing and evolving as my self.

The main goal of this domain is actually very simple: the start point off my second life which is my online life. It needs to be nurtured, managed and honed because I consider it a valuable asset and part of me. I want to unify all my online presence into one single unique image that can translate into what I really am in real life. I am sure that I can get a benefit out of it. But there will be a lot of work to be done, a lot of knowledge to earn and some challenges to overcome. The good thing is that none of it scares me.

Another thing before I forget: I am more and more involved into helping saving the world. I’m not yet an eco-boring or whatever but I can clearly see what kind of shit we are diving heads first and that raised my awareness and conciousness. The decisions that we make now will have great impact tomorrow so I proudly chose to host this domain in HostPapa which is a Certified Green Web Hosting. Little by little we’ll make our time on this planet a little bit longer and more pleasant.

Hold up everybody! We can do this!

Oh yeah! This domain is going to be full of clichés, impact phrases, crazy talking and who knows what else can come out!

I talk and write like a dreamer.

Nice to meet you and thanks again for stopping by.