About Me

I am a full-stack software engineer with over 15 years of experience in web development with expertise in front-end development. My focus is on creating engaging, accessible & performant applications for humans.

Work Experience

  1. Ambassador and Menthor


    Eddisrupt Lisbon, Portugal

    As Eddisrupt’s ambassador, my goal is to promote our mission to disrupt the education sector by providing high-quality learning materials and mentoring programs for an accessible price. I produce content like blog posts, presentations, and workshops concerning software engineering topics. The best part is mentoring our students to become great software engineers and applying for their first jobs in the industry.

  2. Full-stack Software Engineer


    Volkswagen Digital Solutions - SDC Lisbon, PT

    Working every day with a varied tech stack (React, Kotlin, Golang, Python) for solving real problems for VW’s customers and dealerships. Our Product Team is agile and we embrace XP (pair programming, test-driven development, automated end-to-end testing, & trunk-based development) and DevOps (CI&CD, observability, 3rd level support, continuous learning).

  3. Frontend Software Engineer

    Talkdesk Lisbon, PT

    As a member of an Agile multi-disciplinary team, we were responsible for a proprietary UI framework and Design System. My main duties were writing clean and tested React, HTML & CSS code, onboard, and support other teams to use our Design System effectively. Some of the tools we used daily: React, SASS, Storybook, ES6 JS, Babel, Webpack, Jest, Enzyme, Gulp, Redux, Redux Sagas, React Router, Apollo-Client(GraphQL).

  4. Senior Web Application Developer

    XpandIT Lisbon, PT

    Worked in the Enterprise Solutions division as a consultant. Mainly working with Java, JSF 2.2, Primefaces, JavaScript, and CSS. Using JBoss Stack.

  5. Software Engineer

    Woodwing Zaandam, NL

    In my 3 years in the company, I had 3 different roles: Adobe Air developer where we developed a mobile application for the Blackberry Playbook tablet.

    Customer Support Engineer where we helped our customers migrate their digital publications from our platform to Adobes.

    Mobile Web Developer specialist where we tackled all things web development for mobile devices. I also gave customers and partners training on how to develop performant interactive widgets and interactive single-page applications done with web technologies. Mainly working with DOJO, SAS & Web Canvas.

  6. Software Engineer

    Tricode Veenendaal, NL

    Part of an Agile Scrum team, mainly a Java developer using technologies like GigaSpaces, Spring, Hibernate, JDBC, and Maven. Deployment, customization, and extension of JCR CMS (Jackrabbit, Hippo 7, Magnolia, Alfresco). I started as an AIESEC Technical Trainee but got a temporary position after my term as a trainee was over.

Indie Apps

  1. Memoir

    Source Store

    It’s a native Qt/Cascades BlackBerry 10 app made entirely by myself. From idea, design to coding. It’s main purpose is to upload Remember app data to Microsoft OneNote. It’s multi-threaded and relies on OneNote REST API. Yes, it was made on the road while I travelled the world.

  2. Wappy

    Source Store

    It was an independent learning side project where some friends and I developed a native Qt/Cascades BlackBerry 10 app for multi touch image editing. I was the team leader and lead developer.


  • Public speaking
  • Coaching & Menthoring
  • UI Design
  • Automated testing
  • React
  • Kotlin
  • Go
  • NodeJS
  • Git
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript / ES6
  • TypeScript


  • Portuguese (native)
  • English (fluent)
  • Spanish (basic)
  • Dutch (basic)


  1. Java SE 6 Programmer

    Oracle Certified Professional

  2. Bachelor, Computer Science

    Universidade de Brasília Brasília, Brazil


  1. Front-end development teacher

    Eddisrupt Lisbon, Portugal

    Teaching the basics of web development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and their best practices. Also coached students in applying for job positions.

  2. Construction worker

    Maximo Nível La Antigua, Guatemala

    We were building a small kitchen for a elderly home in a poor neighborhood of town.

  3. Member

    AIESEC Brasil Brasília, BR

    Part of the Talent Management team. Our goal was to help Brasília’s Local Committee members to have a great and full AIESEC Experience. I got training and practice with planning and creating personal development plan, giving feedback, mentoring and coaching.

  4. Staff

    Sonhar Acordado Brasília, BR

    Helped in the organization an planning of the weekend event. It wastwo days full of play, games, fun and care. This was my first volunteering experience and it has an striking effect on me. If it wasn’t for this experience probably I would not have joined other volunteering organisations.

Gap Year

My wife and I decided to do something extraordinary to celebrate our 30th birthday: fulfil our dreams! Our Bucket List tooks all around the world on a journey that took 13 months, from february 2015 to march 2016. We did a lot of planning and preparations. It was a life chaning experience that taught us we can make our dreams come true. You can find some of our stories in our travel blog.